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Whistleblowing Statement


drb Ignite Multi Academy Trust is committed to achieving the highest possible standards of service and ethical standards and this Whistleblowing Statement is intended to support the Trust’s full Whistleblowing Policy. It’s purpose is to ensure concerns of serious wrongdoing can be raised without fear of reprisal.

  1. The Statement and Policy apply to all individuals working for the drb Ignite Trust at every level and grade, whether as employees, contractors, and casual or agency staff.
  2. The Trust considers whistleblowing to be distinct from the Trust’s grievance procedure which should be used if there is a complaint relating to personal circumstances in the workplace. Concerns about wrongdoing within the drb Ignite Trust such as fraud, malpractice, mismanagement, breach of health and safety law or any other illegal or unethical act either on the part of management, the Governing Body, the Trust Board or by fellow employees should be raised using the Whistleblowing Policy procedure.
  3. This Statement and Policy have been introduced in line with the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998 and in line with the GOV.UK Whistleblowing Guidance for Maintained Schools (www.gov.uk) which enable workers to raise issues of concern in an appropriate manner.

The Statement and Policy aim to:


The Statement and Policy may be used by all drb Ignite MAT workers at any school to raise concerns where the wellbeing of others or the school itself is considered to be at risk.

  1. The term worker broadly includes employees, contractors, agency workers, trainees and a person who is or was subject to a contract to undertake work or services for a school or the Trust.
  2. The full Whistleblowing Policy is designed to sit alongside the drb Ignite MAT Schools Grievance Policy and Procedure and the drb Ignite MAT Complaints Policy.
  3. The full Whistleblowing Policy is available to all schools on the internal website and can be provided on request to the drb Ignite MAT Office on 0121 333 3132