drb Ignite Multi Academy Trust

‘with children and young people at
the heart of all that we do’

Policies and Procedures

One Vision

The drb Ignite Multi Academy Trust has been established through a shared belief that lives can be transformed by what goes on in schools. We believe that the process of teaching and learning shapes futures. To this end our mission is to give every child learning experiences that excite them and give them the power to begin to shape their own lives.

One Aim

drb Ignite Multi Academy Trust will ensure that all pupils achieve the highest standard of educational outcomes regardless of circumstances or background.

Our Policies

Accessibility Plan
Admissions Plan
Adoption Plan
Anti Fraud Policy
Appraisal Policy for Teaching Staff
Attendance Plan
Behaviour Plan
British Values
Capability Policy for Teachers
Charging and Remissions
Code of Conduct for Staff
Code of Conduct for Trust Board
Complaints policy
Conflict of Interests Policy
Cookie Policy
Critical Incidents
Cyberbullying Policy
Data Protection Policy
DMAT Policy Control Register
Equality and Diversity
First Aid
Freedom of Information
Gifts and Hospitality Register
Gifts, Hospitality and Bribery
Grievance Policy and Procedures
Health & Safety
Investment Policy
Parental Consent Form
Privacy notice for governors/trustees and other volunteers
Privacy notice for job applicants
Privacy notice for parents/carers
Privacy notice for pupils
Privacy notice for staff
PSED Policy
Publication Scheme
Pupils Medical Conditions
Purchasing, Procurement & Competitive Tendering
Return to Work
Risk Management
Safeguarding – Audit Checklist 2018/19
Safeguarding – Business Plan 2018/19
Safeguarding – Procedures 2018/19
Safeguarding – Statement of Intent
SRE Policy
Statement of Assurance
Statement of Internal Control
Subject Access Request Form
Trans Equality Policy
Whistleblowing Statement
Whistleblowing Policy
Work Related Stress
Withdrawal of Consent Form