drb Ignite Multi Academy Trust

‘with children and young people at
the heart of all that we do’

Effective Primary Education

Successful children

At drb Ignite Multi Academy Trust we believe that all children can be successful and move their learning forwards in meaningful directions when they develop a connected set of internal learning competencies. These competencies emerge as a result of fully engaged adult support, relevant challenging learning, and real life experiences.


We know that such strengths help children to understand themselves and the world around them making meaning of experiences, relationships and of course learning.

We are committed to engaging parents/carers, teachers, support staff and the wider community in understanding the importance of these internal learning competencies and how to nurture them in children from the earliest age. We believe this gives all children a clear advantage and ability to take responsibility and begin to shape the course of their lives.

Our SSS-HAPER wheel links these internal competencies to learning outcomes:

S – Safe
S – Self aware
S – Sociable

H – Healthy
A – Active
P – Playful
E – Excited
R – Responsible